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The 50 Most Impressive Pictures of the Year in GEO

So proud to be in this 2018 picture review list from the German GEO magazine with many amazing photographers and breathtaking situations. Thank you Lars and Christian for your great work and it has been a real pleasure working with you!

See all the pictures HERE.

Isle of Eigg in FREE MEN'S WORLD

This summer, Pia Volk and I went for FREE MEN'S WORLD to the remote Island of Eigg off the coast of Scottland to see what it is all about this small piece of land where the inhabitants bought their own island and are now even completely self-sufficient from the mainland. Grab a copy and see for yourself! Thanks to everybody letting us have a glimpse into their daily life (and a sip of their homebrew beer)!

Coal mining the Dutch paper THE VOLKSKRANT 

This week started the COP24 Katowice Climate Change Conference in Silesia, Poland. The region itself is often dubbed as the coal heart of Poland with many mines still active and coal mining having a long tradition in society. Jenne Jan Holtland and I went there for the Dutch paper THE VOLKSKRANT to see what the situation is looking like in the town Imielin that is fighting against a new planned mine.

You can read the article in Dutch HERE

Underground chefs in German BOA magazine

Together with Martin Schlak I went to California to dine with the underground chefs of the southern suburbs of Los Angeles. This new generation sells their food from home and promotes it via Instagram - with huge success and several thousand followers! Grab the current issue of the new German BOA magazine and if you're in LA a burger from the Billionaire Burger Boys!


Starting our new AR workshop "Archeology of the Present" in Hamm. Looking forward to working the next week on the past, present and future of this city for a virtual city tour.

#froh #workshop #hamm #hololens #augmentedreality


I am very happy (and quite a bit proud) that many images of my longterm project on the Estonian island Kihnu with its matriarchal structures in their society have been published on National Geographic together with a great text explaining life on the island by Rachel Brown! Thanks Dominique and Rachel for your interest, support and absolutely amazing work again! And a big heart to everyone on the island allowing me to be part of your daily life - I hope I'll be back again soon...

Read and see more pictures from here:…/pictures-kihnu-island…/ 

#estonia100 #estonia #kihnu #island


Every year millions of hectares of forests and bogs are burning in Russia. Because the state largely ignores the problem, more and more volunteers are joining volunteer forces to fight the flames. Together with Martin Theis, I accompanied the Volunteer Fire Fighters Transbaikal this year, whose territory is the area east of the famous Lake Baikal. The reportage is published in the current issue of the German GREENPEACE MAGAZINE! And there's a wider edit HERE

Nobel Peace Price for Dr. Denis Mukwege

Dr. Denis Mukwege received the nobel peace price today. Last year together with Andrea Jeska I researched in the Congo about the impact of fistula on women, who were raped and in consequence became incontinent. Very often these women are chased away from their families, their villages and live in poverty and hopelessness. Dr. Mukwege has safed thousands of them with providing them with surgeries. Not only did he heal them of their incontinence, but also helped them to find a new life.

OUR FUTURE workshop in Ukraine

Another FROH! workshop, this time in Ukraine. Very happy to work again with an incredible team and talented students from Severodonetsk and Lutsk on a magazine "Zaraz"!

Watch the trailer of the workshop from HERE

#ourfuture_ua #froh #workshop #ukraine #makingamagazine


I am super excited to be chosen among this year's eight candidates who will start studying the doctoral Artistic Research PhD part-time programme at the institute ZENTRUM FOKUS FORSCHUNG of Vienna's University of Applied Arts! Really looking forward to work on a new long-term project - this time it will get a bit technical...

#phd #studentagain #longtermproject

TBILISI CLUB CULTURE in Lufthansa Magazin

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to get back to amazing Georgia with Adrian Pickshaus for a story on the vibrant electronic music scene in the capital Tbilisi. Thanks so much to everyone involved in Georgia and at the Lufthansa magazine team, for sleepless nights and the best cure for the effects of those: Borjomi water and Adjaruli Khachapuri.

THE FUTURE IS OURS exhibition in Frankfurt

I am very happy to be part two times at this year's Frankfurt book fair with Georgia being the Guest of Honor: once with our book Tbilisi - Archive of Transition and now also with some images at the group exhibition THE FUTURE IS OURS at the Atelier Frankfurt. Thanks Inga and Teona for making this possible!

Bird watching in LUFTHANSA MAGAZIN

I was with Martin Theis in Kaliningrad - the Russian enclave, where we visited the world’s first ornithological station for the LUFTHANSA MAGAZIN. You can read the article HERE.

ARIZONA SKY VILLAGE in German magazine GEO

A few months ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Sky Village in Arizona with Martin Schlak for the German magazine GEO where (hobby) astronomers are living their dream of dark skies full of stars - every day. The desert keeps clouds to a minimum and the next town and source of light is some hundred miles away. And in the middle of nowhere: bright minds from all over the United States and abroad. Founder Jack Newton is even among the top five groups worldwide discovering supernovas - with the telescope in his backyard... Thank you Martin for the good time, Christian & Lars for the trust and beautiful layout and of course Jack & Alice and everybody else that helped us on the way making this story possible!


I am super happy to be honored together with Martin Theis with the n-ost research grant 'Recherchepreis Osteuropa 2018'! Thank you Renovabis, Diakonie Württemberg and the jury for the trust in our story and I am looking forward to the trip to Russia!

US-Mexico border wall in DER FREITAG

This week's edition of the German weekly 'der Freitag' published Patrick's story and my images about the border wall between Mexico and the US around the city of Nogales. With the current developments more topical than ever...

Hiking in Hong Kong in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

My first publication with National Geographic! I am deeply humbled to see my images and some words trying to explain the extraordinary feeling I had throughout my hikes in and around the Asian metropolis Hong Kong online. Thank you Dominique and Rachel for all your work and support!

See more pictures and read the article HERE.

Estonian start-up culture in BILANZ

For the German magazine BILANZ I had the pleasure to portray some people and places in Tallinn that are important for the Estonian start-up culture and the digital government that Jan Vollmer visited earlier on. The feature can be seen online here:…/Der-Staat-up-So-entspannt-und-effekti…

Sami reindeer herders in BERLINER ZEITUNG

Bernd and I visited about this time of the year the Sami reindeer herders in Northern Norway and now it has been published in the German newspaper BERLINER ZEITUNG. Thank you to everyone that showed us so much hospitality on the way and let us experience for a few days this extraordinary and harsh life!

#photojournalims #publication #norway #sami #reindeer #kautokeino

KIHNU in French magazine 6MOIS

Wow! My long-term documentation of the Estonian island Kihnu has been published in the French magazine 6mois on 23 pages! The island's heritage has been recognized by UNESCO and here the women call the shots... If you are in France go grab a copy of this beautiful magazine! Thanks so much Marie-Pierre and Théo du Couedic for all your support and amazing work for the story!